assortment of 60mls

Any 5 60mls for $120

Grab any 5 60ml bottles for $105.00 sale. Thank you for making this year amazing.Leave your flavour choices in the comments.

$120.00 $105.00


Salt Crisp

Top selling Apple Crisp is now available in 6mg, 12mg, 25mg and 45mg.


sunrise ejuice


Our 1 year anniversary flavour. Lemon pound cake with Bavarian meringue.

$29.99 $15.00


Gonna eat me a lot of peaches.Peachstry is a seasonal ADV with subtle hints of pastry and rich robust peaches.


Apple Crisp

A big twist on the original apple. A warming baked oatmeal with tangy granny smith apples, exhaled with a soft vanilla-bean ice-cream.